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Woodrose Woodworking Inc.

Woodrose Woodworking Inc. is a custom architectural millwork manufacturing company specializing in solutions based architectural millwork since 1981.

Having been in business for 35 years Woodrose has developed into a premier millwork company capable of undertaking projects of any size. From a single vanity to an entire hotel our specialized team is willing to work diligently from budgeting right through to installation of our products, ensuring total satisfaction.


Woodrose Woodworking is committed to providing products of the highest quality- coupled with impeccable service. As proud member of the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of B.C. our clients are provided additional piece of mind that their projects will be done right. In addition to a commitment to quality and service. Woodrose Woodworking is dedicated to doing our part for the environment. It is for this reason we are proud sponsors of the CaGBC

What Makes Us Who We Are?

The answer to what makes Woodrose is very simple. It is the people that work here. With nearly 40 staff members Woodrose Woodworking has developed a creative, and constructive work environment dedicated to service and efficiency. Each one of our team members brings experience, and a personality to help make up the fabric of our company. From manufacturing , to installation , to shop drawings and processing each team member contributes to making Woodrose a success.

Our Facility: We have approximately 20,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space located in the heart of Vancouver, B.C. Within this facility we house 2 state of the art CNC machines, a fully established veneer and layup department complete with a 160 ton press.

What is "solutions based millwork"?

The design, architecture and construction industries are constantly evolving. With new concepts and challenges being thought up every day - from curves, to faceted wall paneling, to unique materials problem solving is a necessity. At Woodrose Woodworking we are excited to take on these unique challenges and establish new techniques and solutions to make these dreams a reality.